Delivery works: from 12.00 to 19.00.

Delivery time: 20 to 90 minutes. Delivery time depends on your location and time of day.

Cost of delivery

If the order amount is more than 350 UAH, delivery to all areas of the city of Kharkov is FREE.

If the order amount is less than 350 UAH, delivery cost except Saltovka 80 UAH.

We deliver pizzas with a diameter of ∅35cm and ∅45cm to all regions of Kharkov.

Delivery across Saltovka

∅30cm, ∅35cm, ∅45cm - FREE
Saltovka (central) - ∅24cm - 40 UAH
Saltovka (northern) - ∅24cm, ∅30cm - 40 UAH
Saltovka (southern) - ∅24cm, ∅30cm - 40 UAH
The exact cost of delivery will be communicated to you by the manager upon order confirmation.

In case of additional difficulties (road works, weather conditions, etc.), delivery is negotiated individually.

Payment Methods

Bank card
Privat 24